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Welcome to Gold + Vera

Posted by Lexy DeNike on

Welcome to Gold + Vera

As many of you know, this store started out in 2019 under the name BASICS. For a multitude of reasons we decided to ditch the name and start fresh. But, we wanted to give all our followers and friends a quick explanation on what Gold + Vera is all about!

The idea first stemmed from the idea that we wanted a place to share the latest fashion trends in Southern California, which is where we’re located. For many of you, you dream of being able to spend your days in SoCal but can’t. Well, Gold + Vera is here to help bridge that gap.

The name derives from the idea that we’re a summer/gold/warm themed store and Vera is actually a city in Southern California. Vera is also an Italian name (and the CEO is Italian)! 

As of writing this we still have a lot of work to do on the store but with COVID we have experienced a lot of delays. However, we are hoping that by the summer of 2020 we are able to come back with a fresh new site and some awesome clothes to share. 

We are so grateful for those of you who’ve stuck around for all the changes and delays and are so excited to get up and running soon. Please keep your eye out for our new changes and for more updates follow us on social media!

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